Meet the Bassline Team

Bassline brings together industry content, event marketing, ticketing, at-event sales, automated CRM and financial reporting, enabling rich user experiences for event customers and full-breadth business management software for promoters and venues.

William Wardlaw, Chief Operating Officer - William is responsible for the Bassline group’s client-facing operations, business development, brand management, marketing, social media, product management and technology development. He is also a DJ who works with San Francisco’s influential As You Like It promotion crew.

John Sampson, The DJ List Founder, Chief Data Officer - John founded the world’s largest DJ directory in 1997, which has grown to over ½ million DJ profiles in more than 200 countries. His DJ rankings are used by external service providers, and the DJ event history he has assembled is unrivaled. John also helped create EDMjobs and BasslineNews.

Gordon Weiss, EDMjobs Co-Founder & Bassline Advisor - Gordon’s extensive industry experiences as a DJ, event producer, and venue owner have been invaluable in the development of the BasslineEvents platform. He co-founded EDMjobs and continues to guide enhancements to Bassline’s feature sets and service offerings.

Proleadsoft, Engineering Management - Proleadsoft is a software, app design, and technology development firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has engineered Bassline’s tech stacks from databases through to management consoles, consumer frontends and cloud services.